Perhaps this is the “end of the world” as the Maya– er, Hollywood predicted.

Dear VIZ Media and Shueisha,

This is in response to what you have done to Mangastream.

You know, VIZ Media, the manga you licensed from Shounen Jump became popular because of the hard work of fans who spent time, money, and effort to translate and redraw these manga FOR FREE. They have been translating these manga WAY before you scum could get your dirty little hands on these manga. I don’t know if you guys realize, but you saved hundreds of thousands of dollars because of free advertising.

And to Shueisha, the publisher of many beloved manga– the hard work of your mangaka (God bless their souls) became international hits because of Japan-loving people who cared to share awesome aspects of your culture (i.e. the language– Nihongo– and manga). In other words, the anime and manga ecosystem and economy only work because of the love fans have for your anime and manga. The love of fans are so great that us fans are willing to buy overpriced merchandise like Blu-ray copies of anime, and/or figma and nendoroids that cost hundreds of dollars. To put it simply, the fans are your lifeblood. By attempting to exterminate the efforts of fans to scan and translate manga (“scanlating”), you impale the body of fans and suck the life out of them. And let’s face it– the way the international manga business is set-up right now is inferior to the way the community of fans have set-up their own “fandom”. So what is currently happening does not make much sense to us. Why would we pay for an inferior business model, or an inferior translation?

Of course, I do recognize that, in the end, the production of anime and manga is a business. I’m no business major, so I honestly don’t know how to reconcile art and business in a way that would make sense to artists, fans, and businessmen. But one thing is certain: fans love the anime and manga industry as much as you do (though perhaps for differing reasons). So please, don’t treat the fans like cancerous cells that need to be exterminated. The fans are your allies– we love the anime and manga industry as much as you do. Oh wait, I think I’ve said that already.

With both indignation and love,

a concerned fan (who can’t wait for the next chapter of Bleach and Naruto)

Post-script. Pardon me for my lack of eloquence and this “letter”‘s lack of sense and logic– I wrote this while there was still a huge lump of emotions in my chest.


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Magical Girls and the Deconstruction of the Mahou Shoujo Genre (Puella Magi Madoka Magica Critique part 1)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is not for the faint of heart. Yes, the main characters are a white, fluffy creature, loli middle-schoolers, and colorful monsters that seem to have escaped from Alice’s Wonderland; and yes, this anime is about mahou shoujo (literally “magic girls”); but no, this anime is not for children.

Don't let their appearance deceive you... They can kick some serious butt. And they're probably more mature than your average young adult.

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PUFFY – Sweet Drops PV and Underage Dating (? LOL)

Please pardon me for my lack of posts and updates. I’ve been busy with school and shizz… Mostly shizz.

Anyhow, please enjoy the かわいい music video of Sweet Drops by PUFFY. 😀 Continue reading


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Google Fail (This is Scary)

I found this “letter” to Google through an acquaintance’s retweet:

Dear Google,

I would like to bring to your attention a few things before I disconnect permanently from all of your services. 

On July 15 2011 you turned off my entire Google account. You had absolutely no reason to do this, despite your automated message telling me your system “perceived a violation.” I did not violate any Terms of Service, either Google’s or account specific ToS, and your refusal to provide me with any proof otherwise makes me absolutely certain of this. And I would like to bring to your attention how much damage your carelessness has done. 
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Moe Loli Detective is Moe


Meet my new favorite loli tsundere character- Yuko “Alice” Shionji. She is the teddy bear-loving, self-proclaimed NEET– an acronym for “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”– detective protagonist of the anime Kamisama no Memochou. Continue reading

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PUFFY’s Sweet Drops

I found this song a little lackluster at first but it suddenly grew on me. o.O Such a happy little song… I can’t wait for the music video and the actual single. It’s amazing how PUFFY can maintain their awesomeness despite their getting old. The appearance is a different matter though– Yumi Yoshimura seemed a wee bit older in this interview:

But heck, they’re still pretty, and they still rock. They don’t even look like housewives– oh wait, they’re more like rockstar-wives. XD

To those wondering, this song is the opening song of Usagi Drop, yet another anime based on a manga (a really good one, actually). I need to write a post about the Usagi Drop manga and anime, as well as some of the anime showing this season, soon. (There’s quite a number of interesting titles this summer.)

(It just occurred to me that this post’s title sounds like a Willy Wonka product. XD)

UPDATE (that is about a week late): The music video was released many moons ago. XD


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おかえり. (Okaeri.)

Time check: 2:24 AM; the date is July 19th, 2011. Today marks the birth of yet another blog– The Closet Moecon. WOOHOO!!!! *I bow… you applaud*

This blog will be mostly a place for my head. And it so happens that my head is full of stuff about anime, manga, music, movies, technology, books, and many other things that I deem interesting. Yes, the human mind is beautiful and complex. And assuming that my prospective readers here– YOU– are also humans (I warmly welcome extra terrestrials too), you all would also have interesting stuff going on in your head, and it would be awesome if you can share stuff with me too. It would be totally cool if you can be as vivacious and sociable as this girl right here:

That's her raising her hand, btw. My little brother thought she was saying "stop" or something. XD

After all, I can only consume so much anime, manga, music, technology, etc. XD

To close this brief first post, I would like to propose a toast: here’s to Closet Moecon, to you, and to all things moe. *raises imaginary glass*

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